Frequently asked questions about Tardigrade.

Why can’t I upload from the browser?

Before any data gets uploaded to the network, it is encrypted on the clients machine. Because of this, the data is only accessible with the encryption passphrase you create and that encryption passphrase is only set on your machine.

To interact with buckets/objects in the browser, the encryption passphrase would need to be shared with it. Because we dont want your encryption passphrase shared in a browser this is not possible.

In the future, we hope to find ways to increase usability by making buckets/objects accessible from a browser.

How do I upload a file?

You can upload your first object by following our documentation here.

Can I use Tardigrade for web hosting?

The Tardigrade network allows you to store and retrieve your data, but it is not made for hosting dynamic web sites.

To publish your site, your need to have either compute service which will run your web-server, or web-service. The Tardigrade object storage does not offer compute or web services to host your site. Instead it offers S3-compatible object storage.

However, it could host a static web-site:

If your site uses the S3 object storage already, you can easily switch to Tardigrade:

1. Run the S3 gateway on your hosting. 2. Configure your S3 part to work with our S3 Gateway instead of AWS S3: * endpoint: http://localhost:7777 * AWS Access Key ID can be taken from the log of the S3 Gateway * AWS Secret Access Key can be taken from the log of the S3 Gateway

Or you can use the Tardigrade directly (without an intermediate S3 Gateway) via Uplink CLI or programmable access via libuplink.