Nextcloud Backup to Tardigrade

Nextcloud connector to the Storj protocol; use this to backup your data to the leading decentralized storage network.


The Nextcloud Connector allows the user to backup data from a specific Nextcloud instance and transfer all the files with the file structure to Storj network.

Architectural Overview of NextCloud Backup Connector

Before you begin

If you haven't yet, create a Tardigrade account before following the rest of the tutorial.

Requirements and Install

The connector requires the latest version of Go to be installed. Once Go is installed, clone and build the connector:

git clone
cd connector-nextcloud
go build

Confirm the install was successful by viewing the help:

$ ./connector-nextcloud
connector-nextcloud - Back-up your Nextcloud data to the decentralized Storj network.
connector-nextcloud [command]
Available Commands:
help Help about any command
store Command to upload data to storj V3 network.
version Prints the version of the cli
-h, --help help for connector-nextcloud
Use "connector-nextcloud [command] --help" for more information about a command


Configure the connector for your instance. The important files are in the ./config sub-directory located within the connector folder.

nextcloud_property.json - contains configuration items for accessing your Nextcloud instance. Configure appropriately:

nextcloud_property.json example config.

storj_config.json - contains Storj network information. Configure appropriately:

storj_config.json example config.

Once configured, run the connector:

$ ./connector-nextcloud store
Read Nextcloud configuration from ./config/nextcloud_property.json
Username admin
Password your-password
Read Storj configuration from ./config/storj_config.json
API Key : your-storj-or-tardigrade-api-key
Satellite :
Bucket : nextcloud-demo
Upload Path : backup1/
Serialized Access Key :
Connecting to Storj network.
Successfully connected to Storj network.
Connecting to Nextcloud...
Initiating back-up.
Uploading backup1/Documents/ to nextcloud-demo.
Please wait while the upload is being committed to Storj.
Uploading backup1/Documents/Nextcloud flyer.pdf to nextcloud-demo.
Please wait while the upload is being committed to Storj.
Back-up complete.

Implementation Approach

The Storj/Tardigrade Nextcloud connector uses the Nextcloud WebDAV capabilities to stream data into the Storj protocol.

Future Considerations

You can find the source and additional details at