Backup With Duplicati

Automatic Backing Up using Duplicati

To begin, you will need to have the Tardigrade S3 gateway server running and listening on the machine. Here's how to do that. Then, follow the steps below:

  1. ​Download and install the Duplicati installer file for your OS

  2. Once installed, the software will open your browser to the local Duplicati dashboard. If not, it can be accessed at http://localhost:8200/​

  3. On the Duplicati dashboard, click "Add Backup" and select "Configure a new backup"

Configure a new backup on Duplicati

4. Enter a name for this backup. For this example, we'll call it "My Documents"

5. Click the Storage Type dropdown and select "Amazon S3"

6. Select "Custom server URL()" in the Server drop-down and enter your Tardigrade S3 gateway endpoint. By default, it will be

7. Enter the bucket name you would like to use

8. Set "Bucket create region" and "Storage class" as (default) ()

9. Optionally, enter a folder path, otherwise, you can leave this blank

10. Enter your Tardigrade AWS Access ID and AWS Access Key from the terminal window​

11. Select Amazon AWS SDK for the Client library to use

12. Next, press "Test Connection"

13. On the next page, we will select the folder we want to backup. For this example, we will use "My Documents"

14. Now we will create a schedule. In this example, we will run the backup once every day at 1:00 PM.

15. On the next page, select the appropriate options for you

16. Click "Save" and you should see the "My Documents" backup we created on the Duplicati homepage

17. You can select "Run now" if you would like to do a backup instantly.

Congrats, you've set up Duplicati Backup to Tardigrade! πŸŽ‰