Account Limits, and how to remove them

Limits allows us to control the amount of data users can upload to the Storj network. We have limits for storage and egress bandwidth per project on all Tardigrade Satellites. All limits are set to zero until a method of payment is added. Once a method of payment is added, the limits will default to 1TB before production launch and 5GB after production launch. If you would like to increase your limits to higher values, you can always contact our support team through the Tardigrade support portal.

Storage and bandwidth limits are imposed by most cloud infrastructure providers as a normal part of capacity planning and to ensure achievement of SLAs. In distributed and decentralized storage systems they are equally important, if not more so. Just like any provider, the aggregate amount of available storage and bandwidth must be shared across all users. With a distributed and decentralized storage system like Storj, the storage and bandwidth are provided by a network of third parties running storage node software. One of the key aspects to the success is the balance of supply and demand. If there are too many users overutilizing available resources, the user experience will be poor.

If there are too many storage nodes, there won’t be enough use to provide a meaningful ROI for Storage Node Operators. This can lead to storage node churn, increasing load on the network, and potentially impacting durability. Usage limits are one of the tools that maintain the balance.